How to Move the Earth

How to Move the Earth is a guide for the contract mining and owner-operated mining industries, helping newcomers as well as industry veterans to make educated decisions and perform at the highest standard in their roles.

This book teaches many of the tried and proven methods that make an earthmoving business profitable. It also tells front-line leadership how to set up projects and manage tasks on schedule. It covers how to calculate job costs during a production shift, estimate material amounts, and determine the time required to mine material out.

Mining Supervisors Training Guide

Mining Supervisors Training Guide is written to assist front line leadership and management in choosing the right technique or setup to keep their operation running effectively. It will be of great benefit to newcomers and seasoned mining veterans and is an easy to read book. It will guide the readers through tried and proven methods of extracting our resources and teach the correct way to set up their jobs for success. Many long forgotten techniques to win our mined materials is covered throughout this book and if used correctly, then your job will prosper and remain cost effective.

Back to Basics

Back to Basics : How to Move Dirt Efficiently was written in a simple to read and understand format without all the fancy jargon we usually see. It will be of great assistance to any level of management who runs or is charged with the mining operations functions in the open pits. There are tried and proven techniques and explanations on how to set your mining business up for success. The diagrams are clear and allow the readers to understand what the section is about and how to improve it if it is not performing effectively.